Monday, November 06, 2006

Q: Why is your spacing all goofy on your posts? Back and forth between double and single spaced, what is up with that?
A: No idea. A computer ghost?
Q: When are you going to learn to add pictures and other fun things to your (boring) posts?
A: Soon! My blog is getting a make-over! My address may change, but my faithful readers will not be left without good directions to the new one!
Q: Still don't have any readers in Africa?
A: Still! Hey, you faithful readers, what can you do about that? I am DESPERATE to get Africa! I can't concentrate on all the continents that love me, I'm obcessed with the one that doesn't!
Q: When you and your husband go away, how are you planning to cope with the caffeine/Wi-Fi double addiction?
A: Priorities! I made sure when booking our hotel room that it has both Wi-Fi and easy/frequent access to GOOD coffee. Check, check!


Go Mama said...

Always on top of things, aren't you!
Have a great stay-away.

Suzy said...

Q. Will you miss the children?
(and don't ask "what children")

Jenny Rough said...

A blog makeover, how fun. Can't wait to see it.

Carrie Wanna Be said...

Q: Will I be there, at the same wificaffeinated hote, watching your every move???

A: Absofinglutely!!!

Can't wait...don't worry, you'll hardly notice me!!

Carrie Junkie said...

I'm coming too, that WB woman needs a good whack to the side of the head!!!

Paulie Ana said...

Now, now girls, we cannot know the mysterious forces that press another forward and her gentle, mindful and kind...

Back At'cha said...

Q: Who's the coolest blog queen in town??

A: You are, you are.

Q: Who's the toast of Aussie-land??

A: You are! Darn it, the Africanie's don't know what they are missing!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are getting away to someplace with no rain! Africa might be a nice place for a vacation. Maybe you could make friends with some nice people and introduce them to your blog.