Thursday, November 02, 2006

Not sure how it got started or why, but I always know Rojo is up and ready for me to "wake him up" when his red and blue car-shaped decorative pillow leaves his bed and lands at my feet. No matter where I am in the house, he finds that pillow, then finds me, and hurls it before running back into his bed and faking sleep.
I then am to loudly pound my feet as I approach, while saying, "WHO IS AWAKE IN HERE?" Meanwhile, he continues to "fake sleep." He lies in a ball under all his covers, Mr. Magoo eyes popping out when I turn the comforter slightly back.
"What time did you wake me up?" he asks each day, while both of our eyes flick towards the digital Mickey Mouse clock on his dresser.
"5:45, " I answer.
"No, 5:46," or 5:44, always arguing a minute in either direction.
Each morning I am torn between loving this ritual, and being annoyed beyond belief for his fixation on the exact moment we are experiencing.
Maybe it's not a pillow he's throwing me, but a brick to the head to be with him, in that moment only, for what else is there?


Prema said...

River is fake coughing right now. Oh right, I'm supposed to save her....or something. I look at her for a split second and neither of us knows whether I will pull it off.

Is this NOT a spiritual path?

kario said...

Bless you for acknowledging the importance of this ritual and not screaming that it's 5:45 for *&%$ sake! What precious memories Rojo will have of his childhood and the games his mommy played with him...

Have a fabulous day, Carrie!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Love that boy.

Sorry this little game happens at 5:45, but I LOVE that boy!

Terry Whitaker said...

You are truly a saint. I have trouble facing my dear ones at 7!!

Suzy said...

I'm with Michelle on this one..
And it's even FUNNIER that it happens at 5:45!

Anonymous said...
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JessPDX said...

I can't even imagine the 5:45am part, but as a Virgo, I do sympathize with his need to be specific.... Actually it reminds me of how he asked me to play volleyball with him for five minutes. I said yes and we volleyed that ball around for a few minutes, but I really wanted to go out front and say good-bye to everyone. I said one more serve and I was going out. He looked at his stopwatch and said, "No, you have two more minutes." I couldn't really argue then, since I had agreed to five.

Jerri said...

What else is there? Only love, Babe. Only love. And you obviously have that in abundance.

Blessings to you and Rojo.

PsychoBabble said...

Wow can I relate, between the vacilation between annoyance and fondness of the tangle about the time and then the taking the time to be in the moment.
I always say, it is my son who keeps me on my toes. It is he who makes me remember that it is important to be in the moment and not worry about the little things.

Back At'cha said...

You are a saint! A SAINT! Don't forget, you, a saint, remember now, you, a saint, that's you, a saint. Got it???