Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"There is no duty so underrated,
as the duty of being happy."
Robert Louis Stevenson
I'm happy.
Happy, happy, happy.
Problem? I think not.
My daughter is not happy, I made her walk six full blocks to school on a perfectly gorgeous fall morning.
My son is not happy, he wants Hot Tamales for breakfast, and I would prefer he eat from one of the four food groups.
My husband is not happy, apartments have leaks he must repair, deals must be re-negotiated that he thought were "handled".
I am happy, though.
Happy, happy, happy.
Just doing my duty over here.
My list for today says, "Be happy!"
Check, check.


kario said...

Hurray! I used to feel guilty being happy in the face of loved ones who so obviously weren't. Now I know they've made their choice and I'm free to make mine. I'll share your happy day, Carrie!

Suzy said...

I think the Little Drummer Boy should have anything he wants...

Go Mama said...

I was thinking there is nothing wrong with eating hot tamales for breakfast. I like the chicken chili verde ones, or just chili and cheese. Green corn tamales are good too.

Oh, that's right, he was thinking of the candy! Come to think of it, those candies make me happy too. Hot, and happy!

Happy, happy.

Michelle O'Neil said...

I'm happy that you're so happy!

Ziji Wangmo said...

Can a "Happy" mantra be that easy? I may go to bed tonight reciting...Happy, happy, happy!
It's so hard sometimes to create distance between family members' moods. I usually get sucked into their funk! You go, Happy Girl!

jennifer said...

We allow our reality to co-exist with the realities of those around us...The's true. What else can we do? We cannot change the world, we can only change ourselves.

Carrie Wanna Be said...


Well, if I were you, I'd be happy...but if you say so...I'll do my best!!!

Anonymous said...

I just caught up on reading your blog and now I'm so happy, happy, happy!

Anonymous said...

you might check the spelling, dear friend; it's "Louis", not Lewis!

PsychoBabble said...

As simply as the word is, it makes a world of difference when we say it as it helps to change out perspective about what we are experiencing. I too have been trying to incorporate it into my days. - That's the secret.