Monday, October 16, 2006

We all know (and can't get unstuck from our heads once we hear it) the song, "The Little Drummer Boy", right? The poor little boy has nothing fit to give a king, except the song in his heart, from his little drum.
Ba-rump a bump, bump, rump a bump, bump, rump a bump bump.
I've got me a little drummer boy, too. My little guy isn't poor, he just has absolutely no need, use or appreciation for money. There isn't a "thing" this guy wants/needs/asks for.
We celebrated my mom's birthday yesterday, and my daughter made a banner, baked a cake and wrapped presents we had purchased.
My son wanted to give Grammy something, too. He took from his bed his most favorite thing in the world, Big Bird. He put Big Bird in a gift bag and gave it to my mom 2.5 seconds after she walked in the door. This Big Bird has a soul, almost as big as my boy's, and is seldom far from him. He loves his Grammy more than he loves himself, he wants her to be happy and feel celebrated, more than he wants his own happiness, at least for 24-hours.
My mom teared up when she opened the bag. "Really? You're giving me Big Bird?" she asked.
"Well, kind of, for 24-hours, and then you give him back, OK?"
Ba-rump a bump bump, rump a bump bump, rump a bump bump.


Michelle O'Neil said...

He is tooo sweet!

I love that boy!

Suzy said...

More people should march to the tune of your "little drummer boy."
Fantastic kid. Fantastic mom.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the world be a better place not if everyone marched to their own drummer but rather to Rojo's.

Terry Whitaker said...

Thank you thank you thank you---I have now been singing that song aloud to all who will listen for the past 45 minutes!

Monica said...

So cute!

kario said...

I love that Grammy got what a special gift Big Bird was! That's a connection that favors everyone around it. Thanks for the smile, Carrie!

Wholia said...

That gift was a HUGE sacrifice. I understand why Grammy was tearing up. I am too.

lori meisle said...

O - my - Lordy!! What a beautiful thing...THAT is a gift from the heart.

jennifer said...

love that boy!!!

Lee Wolfe Blum said...

very sweet.
Oh it time for Christmas music yet!