Friday, October 06, 2006

There is a movie everyone ought to run out and see, actually, "boot up" and see, you can watch it on your computer. It is called "The Secret". I will just go ahead and tell you what the secret is, but you have to promise you'll still watch the movie, OK? Promise?
The secret is the law of attraction. Like draws like. What you put your mind towards, you draw more of. It's very much like the power of positive thinking "fad". It's very simple.
Like all things simple, it can take many lifetimes to master. The Dalai Lama says, "Let love, peace and compassion be your religion." Simple. Go ahead and work with it for awhile, and you'll see why he is the enlightened one, and we're all mere humans.
The key to "the secret" is to tell the Universe what it is that you DO want, not what you DON'T want. If you keep telling the Universe what you don't want, you'll keep getting it, and vice versa. See? Simple!
Examples: Keep telling the Universe you "don't want debt". The Universe hears "debt" and you stay locked in debt. Tell the Universe you want prosperity, you'll get prosperity. Tell the Universe you want your husband to stop being such a giant pain-in-the keister, and guess what!? Tell the Universe you want your husband to adore and appreciate you, you'll change the entire dynamic of the relationship. Tell the Universe you want to lose weight, you'll actually stay or gain weight. Tell the Universe you want a fit and healthy body, you'll start to attract that.
All right now, People, get out there and don't keep The Secret a secret! Promise?


kario said...

You have my word I'll watch it this weekend. Promise!

Jenny Rough said...

Love this movie -- though I will say implementing its practices has been challenging.

psychobabble said...

Great movie, saw it this weekend and am looking to get it so that I can watch it with hubby.

jennifer said...

Love that movie, changed my life...I'm going in again.

ToelessPhilly said...

I promise to watch by this time next week.

Rhonda said...

My husband owns this DVD and watches it at least once a week...he swears by it!

Michelle O'Neil said...

LOVE this DVD.

It should be required viewing.

I've watched it again and again.

Lee Wolfe Blum said...

Sorry Carrie - but I completely disagree with this movie. I watched it and threw it in the trash. I tested it a bit on my cruise...I wanted to win the 7000 jackpot in bingo...then why didn't I win?
The Secret leaves out free will of others. Others have free will and their decisions affect us whether we want it or not. I just can't fathom the idea that the Amish wanted the gunman to kill their children...that they brought it on themselves. It was the choice of the gunman...his free will ...his action...not a response of the amish...and/or law of attraction. Sorry to be a negative blogger...but this one I just can't swallow.

I can't swallow the idea that a little girl brings on rape...that she attracts it.

Still love your blog...hope you aren't offended :)