Monday, October 09, 2006

"Not one of God's children can be evil.
At worst, he or she is hurt.
At worst, he or she attacks others, and blames them for their pain.
But,they are not evil.
Yes, your compassion must go this deep.
There is no human being who does not deserve your forgiveness.
There is no human being who does not deserve your love."

Paul Ferrini American Author and Inspirational Speaker

From the site:, home of the love. t-shirts.

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jennifer said...

Love this and love you, both! Period!!

Carrie Wanna Be said...

Where do I get that shirt? I need one NOW NOW NOW!! You are just so cool!

Carrie junkie said...

Wanna Be --- don't sweat it, I have the shirt and it's easy to score...the hard part, wearing it on the day our Carrie wears it. She's not an easy one to predict, fashion-wise, but I am thinking every third thursday, but sometimes its the second tuesday of the month and then boom, she shows up in the shirt on a Sunday, looking fabulous in a pair of sweats and a ball cap on her head.

Back At'cha said...


Love Tea. Period.

Love you. Period.

Don't love my period...what?? I'm lost.


Paulie Ana said...

All you need is love...

Suzy said...

Great photo! Great women!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Love. it Carrie.

Thanks for the link, Link.

PsychoBabble said...

Great photo guys. All you need is love!

Jerri said...

Fabulous shirts. Fabulous babes.

Gonna go get me one o' them t-shirts right now. Think it would help if we bought a couple extras and shipped 'em to North Korea?

carrie Junkie said...

"Wanna Be" no worries, I know where to score the shirts but the bigger issue is trying to figure out what day she wears the shirt. I used to think it was every other Thursday but then, she switched on me and it was just one Sunday a month, with sweats and a baseball cap but then that was just for two months and she switched over to one Tuesday a month.

I'll keep you posted!!

kario said...

Only if you're going to ship a couple to the White House, too!

Lee Wolfe Blum said...

Love your new do Carrie! It looks GREAT!