Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Last week's writing assignment was to revise and/or expand a previous piece and include a specific bird, a description of the weather, and the color red. I revised the piece I wrote about Grandma's hairpin, just for those of you keeping track. : )

This week has had me tossing and turning, as was the intention, I am sure. We were to do a handwritten quick write for eight minutes starting with the sentence, "I am still afraid to write about..." until we got to the "nugget" of what our piece would be about. THEN the piece was to include MONEY, SEX (or a veiled reference to it), a TABOO (mine or someone else's), and a SECRET (mine or someone else's).

A friend called and shared a very personal story with me that had all four. Eureka! I thought. I was going to cheat and just write out her story, because let me tell you, it's a goody. But her story is not mine, and last I checked, this is a memoir class, and not a tell-me-all-about-your-friend's-life class.

And so I did it. I wrote about something I'm afraid to write about. And someday I may even post it on my blog, but not today. Sorry. Some things are healed by sharing them with others, and some things are healed by bringing them out of the body, onto the page, and then burned.

My friend, Jerri, wrote a blog post about being faced with a difficult situation, and choosing to walk straight into the fire. I've been thinking a lot about that, and fire in general, and it's various properties. I've always been afraid of fire, but there's a purifying component that comes from it that cannot be forgotten.

Sometimes we have to look up, push our chests out, swing our arms with command and walk straight into our fear, straight into the dangerous, straight into the fire.

And out again.

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jess wilson said...

What are you afraid to write about? God, my only trouble would be figuring out where to start the list. Maybe I'd go alphabetically. Yes, I think so.

It takes so much courage to face our own demons. I am in awe that you do it - that you bring them out, write their stories and purge them. I worry that mine might grow in the light of day.


pixiemama said...


Deb Shucka said...

So proud of you, not only for doing the hard work of walking into the fire, but also for not allowing the fire to consume you.

Wanda said...

You are so brave. Fire is my is almost half my natal chart.

Go Mama said...

You can do it Carrie! If anyone can, it's you. Deep breath, walk. We're right here cheering you on.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Your class sounds almost as amazing as you are. Off to read Jerri's post now. xoxo

Jerri said...

"straight into the dangerous" That's where the story lies.

I'm learning so much from your class. Thanks for pulling up a chair for us.

Ask Me Anything said...

Thanks, too, for not ratting out your friend (even though i'm sure you'd do her story justice). You must be a very good friend.

Anonymous said...

My friends and I call people like you "WARRIOR". Thank you for sharing.