Tuesday, April 04, 2006

'Twas the night 'fore menstruation, and all through the house,
Not a creature was safe, especially not the spouse.
"Goddammit!" she cried, while stomping on floors,
"Am I the only one who knows how to shut doors?"
"Who is it," she asked, "that works like a dog,
While all of you sit here like bumps on a log?
No thanks do I get, no praise and no rest,
For you I give all, left for me is the mess.
Just go, take the kids, get out, I don't care,
I want to be alone, will you go? Do you dare?
If you won't leave, then I'll take to my bed,
I've had it, I quit, I wish I were dead.
Tomorrow IS another day, say Scarlett and I,
I'll feel just awful, I"ll cry and I'll cry.
I love you, you, know, despite what I said,
I take it all back, I was out of my head"


kario said...

BRILLIANT! Please submit this to as many magazines as you can - I love it and will send all of my girlfriends here to read it!!!!

Jenny Rough said...

Ha ha -- very cute!

megan said...

That was greatness. Thanks kario for bringing me to it.

Anonymous said...

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