Saturday, April 22, 2006

Today I ate a cake, it wasn't very big,
But I ate 'til it was gone, feeling like a little pig.
It's not a thing I do too much, I'm happy to report,
But today was one of "those days", I'm sure you know the sort.
I also had some coffee, six cups to be precise,
What goes better with a cake, than coffee that is iced?
I had a lot to do today, time was of the essence,
Cake and coffee felt like just the fuel, to help me keep my senses.
Some seem to think that sugar, is like the Prince of Darkness,
Something one should keep away from, but I find it to be harmless.
What is harmful is the me, that is coming off caffeine,
That scene would make you shudder, not one you'd want to see.
You do your thing, with lean protein and brown rice,
For me I'll stick with things, that are proven to keep me nice.


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