Wednesday, April 26, 2006


1. Count remaining number of controlled substances, put notes on calendar for:
A) Call doctor for re-fills 7 days prior to running out
B) Take prescriptions to pharmacist 2 days prior to running out
C) Fill bottles at school one day prior to running out
D) Pray you don't run out
2. Splurge on a new $3.49 hairbrush - note to self: bad mood may be caused by stabbing sensation of old hairbrush with no remaining tips
3. Put the screens on the window - note to self: bad mood may be caused by bees and flies circling your head
4. Consider switching to decaf.
5. Consider costs to all involved in switching to decaf.
6. Send 200 thank you notes to people that attended school auction
7. Type up all notes involving school auction
8. Distribute all videos you created for school auction
9. Consider not being involved in next year's auction
10. Consider switching kids to public school
11. Consider moving to Deluth
12. Consider telling the next 10 people that ask you to volunteer, "NO"
13. Reconsider public school
14. Blow off everything on the list and spend the day drinking coffee and eating cake


Laurabeth said...

Love it! I can just hear you saying,"check!" to each item!

Anonymous said...

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