Saturday, June 26, 2010


Rojo looked at the weather forecast on the Weather Channel (something he does several times a day) and declared, "Summer worked! It scared the rain away!"

We have had rain.

And rain.

And rain.

And rain.

Cold and grey rain, not summer showers. The weather men have been calling this Junuary.

I am a born and bred western Oregonian and can take a LOT of rain, but what we've had has been biblical.

But now summer has "worked" and we are enjoying perfect weather here in the Pacific Northwest.

Rojo and I are outside all day every day, for the most part, and we're tweaking his ADHD meds so they wear off by noon, making him hungry. It's working. He's eating like a horse, but wants only junk food. We're forever in negotiation about that. "You can have __________, after you have ___________. I want you to have real food. I want you to gain weight!"

Finally, after about the 25th round of You-Can-Have he said, "Be nice to my weight! Do not hurt my weight's feelings!"

Not enough can be made of the fact that he gets he is not his weight. He is Rojo. His weight is what it is. He doesn't want me to hurt his weight's feelings.

And neither do I.


Anonymous said...

I love that concept. He should speak at schools around the country with that line.

kario said...

God I love this child! He knows what he knows, doesn't he?

From one mother of a junk-food-junkie to another: Trader Joe's has lots of really yummy, good-for-you snack foods that my kids think are junk food but that I don't mind them having so much.

Thank God for TJs!

Jerri said...

Another moment of sheer brilliance from Rojo, and another phrase I'm adopting immediately.

Thank you.

Wanda said...

There is so much that that boy gets. I'd love to learn to see myself that way.

Elizabeth said...

I love that Rojo. He is a walking, breathing, loving koan.

Deb Shucka said...

Wouldn't you love for Rojo and Eckhart to meet?

Amber said...

Too bad we all don't get that one, huh? lol


Ask Me Anything said...

You can not imagine how many times in the past six months I have harped on my big boy's weight. I was unable to stop my mother from coming out of my mouth. Often. He finally shut me up with a very similar, if not as poignant comment.

This just brings it home!

Drama Mama said...

Carrie. I am reading all of Geneen Roth's work right now regarding this concept about weight.

It took her 30 years to figure it out.

Rojo did it in 13.

Now excuse me. I'm going to go be nice to my weight.