Sunday, June 13, 2010


My dad died just a few weeks before Rojo was born, and nine years before Kunga came along, and yet there it no denying his role, his presence, his spirit when you get these two "brothers" together.

Kunga has been dreaming about my dad lately, waking up and saying he misses him. He spontaneously told both Woohoo and me this, too.

"I miss my granddad," he said.

"Do you remember him?" I asked.

"Yes. I remember him."

"Tell me about him," I pressed.

"I didn't know him, he died before I was born, but I remember him," he clarified.

And there isn't a doubt in my mind that he does. Nine years together on some other plane is hard to forget.

Rojo, who had to be told by a newly five-year-old that his shoes were on the wrong feet, said one profound thing after another this weekend as we spent our time in my father's old house - indeed, the house in which he died.

STM simply asked, "Hey, Rojo, what time is it?"

"You'd know if you had harmony in your soul," he said.

After playing with a ball in the back yard, Woohoo said, "Rojo, where did the ball go?"

"I affected your energy and now you can't find it."

My dad was a piece of work, but after fourteen years only the fond memories come to mind now when I think of him - there's been time to heal. The "brothers" only know the funny stories, and there were plenty. They have a divine connection to a man that is their grandfather, a man that affected their energy.

A man whose soul has finally found harmony.



Elizabeth said...

You're an amazing family --

Wanda said...

I love hearing the connections the little ones have to the spirit world.

jess said...

"You'd know if you had harmony in your soul," he said.

Um. Holy Crap.

Jerri said...

Ahhh. The things we would know if we had harmony in our souls.

This is one of my all-time favorite Rojo-isms, and I request official permission to adopt it.

I would know whether that's okay with you if I had harmony in my soul.

Kim said...

Those two boys are just beautiful together.
Your words make my soul feel more harmonious.

Lori said...

Wow. Just. Wow.

Astral planes are just SO cool.

Anonymous said...

My dad was a piece of work as well and I hope he has found peace. said...


pixiemama said...

So thankful for healing.


Carrie Wilson Link said...


Permission granted! That's why I blog - to spread his wisdom!


Amber said...

I like this so much... This is how I felt for my grandma when she died. Some peace.

Rojo is ah-mazing. How do you not walk around with a recorder??


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend with family.

P.S. "harmony in your soul" - he just blows me away.

Lola said...

Oh I LOVE this post a lot...xoxo

deb said...

can you thank Rojo for me,
and thank you,

and yes, indirectly your father.

Southern GFCF said...

Are these things your dad used to say? Have these brothers heard others say these things? Or was it as woo-woo as it reads?


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Southern GFCF,

Just as woo-woo as it reads! My dad would NEVER have said things like that! Didn't have a spiritual bone in his body!

Deb Shucka said...

What a lovely, magical, and loving legacy he left.

NEHBM of Kunga and Rojo and what happens when they're together.

Thank you for bringing harmony into my day.

kario said...

I love that only the happy memories are surfacing now. That healing has taken place. I'm sure in no small part that's due to Kunga and Rojo.

Love you all.