Sunday, July 04, 2010


Been trying to get Rojo into a body of water for almost fourteen years. This summer he decided to be Water Boy. We've been coming to the same community pool every summer for his whole life, a place with a "big" pool and a "wading" pool (1 1/2 feet deep at its deepest point). He's never wanted anything to do with it. Any. Thing.

But not this year. This year he's all about being king of the wading pool.

He likes having the whole thing to himself as he can kick and sing to his heart's content, but he really prefers it when it fills up with 2-5 year-olds. Without exception he goes up each child and gives his spiel: "Hi, my name is Rojo, what's your name?" The child supplies their name and Rojo instantly creates a nickname. Cooper becomes Coop. Daniel becomes Danny. Elaina becomes Lainie.

"Hi, (insert nickname), how old are you?"

"I am thirteen but I will be fourteen on July 14th, my golden birthday."

We're very excited around here for the golden birthday.

And for our golden boy, who has discovered the freedom of water.

* Have been having all kinds of fits posting on Fully Caffeinated. Am thinking it's time to re-name/relocate the blog. Stay tuned for a new address.

Happy 4th of July, Everyone!



Deb Shucka said...

Golden Water Boy looks like a dolphin in the pool. I am so in love with his joy and open heart, and so glad 14 is the magic number. Looking forward to seeing what other gold is found during this year.

Suzy said...

GWB is the best!

Happy 4th my friend!

Love you


Elizabeth said...

Golden Water boy is gorgeous in every way!

Wanda said...

Change is afoot.... said...

I want Rojo to give me a nickname. Will you ask him for me please?

jess said...

Promise me that somehow, some way, our kids will meet one another someday.

Amber said...

Why is it the "golden birthday"? Are they all golden?? lol! Love it.


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

So glad he's loving the water! And his Golden Birthday comment is adorable.

deb said...

You must just smile right down into your soul when you see him enjoy the water after all this time.

and I'll update for your new space.

kario said...

This boy just doesn't stop, does he?

Love it.

Brenda said...

Just to let you know ... we're still waiting! Take your time, no pressure.