Monday, July 05, 2010


Four years ago I was all about being fully caffeinated. Started a blog and an e-mail address and went big with it. It was perfect for that phase of my life, and as is the nature of phases, they pass. About the same time I  also "accidently" found a website that sold love. T-shirts. Unfortunately, it looks like they no longer do. The quotes they e-mail you are a must, however.


love. was the next thing I decided to go big with, and happily, I don't believe that's a phase.

Couple of years ago my fully caffeinated e-mail address just stopped working. Kaput. Last week Blogger stopped letting me post on my Fully Caffeinated blog. Kaput. Nothing if not tenacious, I found a way to post using an old draft and changing the date, but let's face it, that is going to get old in a hurry and besides, there aren't that many drafts left. I can take a hint when Mary gives me one, and she is giving me one.

Time for a new blog, so ladies and gentleman, I invite you to join me here, at love. Please change your blog rolls, favorites, bookmarks, etc. so you won't miss a single word. That would be a shame.

We'll talk about Mary. We'll talk about Flicka. We'll talk about Rojo. We'll talk about Woohoo. We'll talk about all the things that won't go kaput, and are not phases - the stuff of love.

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Tabitha Bird said...

Cool. I might pop over. said...

Awesome Carrie!

Love. it.

Amber said...

Wait a minute! Blogger just stopped working for you?! That can happen?! This news is going to give me an anxiety attack.

I'd follow you anywhere, toots.


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Sending much love for your new venture, and many thanks for this one.

Wanda said...

YES! So sorry I missed this post (thank you, Bloglines) and I will change all my settings and subscriptions to love. (Ooo...I like the sound of that.