Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I talk a lot about Mary, and for some of you from non-Christian traditions, that may rub you the wrong way - I hope not. To me, Mary isn't "just" that Mary, Jesus' mother, she is the feminine face of God. She is Tara. She is Kwan Yin. She is Demeter. She is SHE.

STM gave me a great book for Christmas, Mother Mary's Teachings for the New World. The book agrees with me, but that's not the only reason it's great. It's channeled work and I know there are those that don't "do" channeled work, but I invite you to read this book nonetheless. Even if you think it's all hogwash, you will be comforted by the book and find wisdom and more importantly, profound love from every page, for that is Her message - the love of a mother - a good mother, a holy mother, the mother of God.

A couple excerpts:

On talking about death and eternal life: "This is the destiny that God has intended for you - to have eternal life. This is why the frequencies on the planet are rising now. It is preparing itself for you to live eternally. But you, too, must prepare yourself to receive this and to be ready to walk heaven on earth. When you say, "I want to create heaven on earth, " this is not a light statement you are saying, and it is of the very light. Take this seriously: You will be challenged to let go of whatever it is that you are doing that is not creating heaven on earth. Every single speck that is left within you that is not creating heaven on earth must be brought forward."

On judging others, the question for Mary was, "Is it good to ignore the behavior of someone else which makes us feel bad?"

And Mary's answer, "My dear child, become more grounded. Become present in all conversations, not through judging others. This creates you to become not present. This still keeps you apart from the situation, for you are not addressing yourself, you are projecting unto others. Address the situation. The question is: 'How does one use one's power without coming into the ego to overpower? How does one state what one wishes to experience in life and be inharmony with others who you are intermingling with? Is this not the question?'"

That's the Mary I know. Love her.


Wanda said...

"To me, Mary isn't "just" that Mary, Jesus' mother, she is the feminine face of God. She is Tara. She is Kwan Yin. She is Demeter. She is SHE."


Have you ever read The Feminine Face of God? Loved that one, too.

Elizabeth said...

I've long been fascinated by Mary as well. The book sounds so interesting!

pixiemama said...

I'm adding that book to my list.

I have a Mary post of my own brewing...


Expat From Hell said...

Every time I see your postings about the Virgin Mother, I am drawn in. Your journey, and the great literature that accompanies it, are well worth the effort to check in here. Thanks for posting this, Carrie! EFH

Jerri said...

"Is it good to ignore the behavior of someone else which makes us feel bad?"

This is a huge question in my life. I know it's not good to ignore the issues, but I need a more specific answer about what to do.

I'm not sure what "not coming into the ego" means. I need "put tab A into slot B type instructions."

Got anything, Mary? Carrie? Anyone?

Carrie Wilson Link said...


Eckhart Tolle's A NEW EARTH is the best source I've found for really getting Tab A and Slot B help for the ego.

Readers? What else have you found helpful?


Deb Shucka said...

I love it when you talk about Mary, and especially appreciate the same section Wanda pointed out. You know how I feel about the question. Yikes! Thanks. :-)

fullsoulahead.com said...

Yes,when we judge we separate. When we line up with Who We Really are,we help.


Amber said...

I agree with this idea of Mary, all the way! This is IT.


kendalls10 said...

In the Greek tradition , the Holy Spirit is referred to in the feminine. Mary has a unique relationship with the Trinity as She is the daughter of the Father, mother of the Son and Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Her intense cooperation with the Holy Spirit, her saying yes, resulted in the incarnation of Jesus.
Some theologians have speculated that this cooperation continues that she is still a tool of the Holy Spirit who works through her to bring others to a deeper understanding of the Christ. They continue in the vein that if one wanted an icon of the Holy Spirit, One could use Mary. This would make the icon of the Holy Family a reflection of the Trinity.
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