Sunday, September 23, 2007


10. Rage carries an energy that when released, leaves you exhausted - sleep for days kind of exhausted.
9. When the rage is gone, there is room for all the other emotions, and much more compassion.
8. Always being the victim is passive aggression.
7. We are all both perpetrators and victims.
6. I'm not the extrovert I thought I was.
5. I've done more of "my work" than I thought I had.
4. It is possible to have nothing but compassion for those that have hurt you the most.
3. It's easy, and natural, to become addicted to our suffering, and letting it go can bring on withdrawals.
2. Don't take everything so personally - most of people's "stuff" has little, or nothing to do with us, even when they try to tell us otherwise.
1. The answer to all questions is love.


Anonymous said...

Remeber the victims in the Twin Towers making phone calls on Sept. 11th.........those were calls of love. In the end it really is all that matters.

Deb said...

Love this list and the art that you've used to illustrate it with. I've been reading Kate Braestrup and her answer is love as well - in a very big way.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Love all 10!

kario said...

Thank you.

Casdok said...

A list certainly worth pondering on.
Thank you