Saturday, September 02, 2006

I am so beyond ready for school to start, I can't even tell you. No amount of Top 10 lists can adequately convey the tenuous grip I have on my sanity. Just to give you some indication of how bad things have gotten, I've composed a little list of the crazy cuckoo levels to which I have sunk:
  • I wrote with a blue pen in my checkbook register. I have had this same checking account since 1981, and have only used black, ONLY!
  • I didn't iron the wrinkled balls of 100% cotton that used to be my pretty pillowcases, before shoving pillows into them.
  • I went to bed without washing my face or brushing my teeth. Again, something I have not done since 1981.
  • I (briefly) considered buying the DVDs of "Alf" when I saw them advertised in the paper!
  • I decided I needed a haircut and determined it couldn't possibly wait the 4 weeks remaining until my scheduled appointment. So while driving down the street and seeing "Supercuts" in my peripheral vision, I swerved the car in, had six inches chopped off, paid, and was back on the road in less than 1/2 an hour.
  • I have declared war on alternative spellings of names. STICK WITH THE TRADITIONAL, People! C'mon! I'm fragile! I can't take it! These impossible to remember names are the last straw for me!

The list goes on and on, but I think you see what we're dealing with here. The scene here is not pretty, not pretty at all.


Anonymous said...

Carrie hold on just one more Day.You can do it.M

Jerri said...

Your hair? You cut off yourr fabulous (read: can stand on its own two feet and answers to nobody) hair?

Things ARE getting rough out there.

Just keep breathing, Babe. Don't give up now--you're almost there.

kario said...

I'm with you! Two days until I have my house back and can begin putting the puzzle pieces of my sanity in place. By the time I can rest and breathe again, it will be Xmas break. Damn!

Anyone for year-round school?

Anonymous said...

I am not ready!! Tell me again why I don't home school him. No. I know the answer. How many times do you have you reminded me? A few more! I am not ready!


Anonymous said...

The amazing thing is you know how frazzled you are now, but how great you'll look and feel in two weeks. Take a good look at the teachers at your children's school tomrrow and then in two weeks and see how undone they can look in record time.

Suzy said...

Supercuts huh? Ouch.
Time for an intervention.....

Carrie Wilson Link said...


I know! PLEASE tell me Richard wants and/or Gilles want to have at it! (Pro bono, of course, ain't no way I'm paying $300!)

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya girl, 100%!!
You know who I am, I am getting my carpets cleaned tomorrow for a new fall beginning, kids in school, YAAAH!

lisajoelle said...

Supercuts?!!!! OOHHH not good, but you know what they say, "it'll grow back".

Michelle O'Neil said...

Supercuts? This IS bad.

Next time call for help Carrie! Call for help!

Suzy said...

Okay Miss Carrie-
The Hair Muses are smiling on you-
You have an appointment with Richard Penna on Thursday Sept. 28th at 10:15 am.
Your wish has been granted!

Terry Whitaker said...

I cried this morning. No more waking up to find out someone has been playing video games for four hours already, no more finding kids in every crack and crevise of my house and yard. No more feeding six or eight kids every few hours, no more popcorn kernals in my bed, no more tumble weeds of dog hair floating by (from someone who so kindly brushed her and stopped there) Whatya mean you can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, is the haircut why you had a hat on at school today?

Back At'cha said...

Okay, I get all the other things on this list, the face, the teeth, the blue verses the black...but the HAIR??


Do you not know this law??

Nothing, nothing, nothing is worth that kind of madness. Get to a Dr. STAT!!

Carrie Wanna Be said...

I was right behind didn't see me but I bagged some of your hair! It's on my alter! YEAH!!

It's Carrie Bingo..I am soooooo happy!

P.S. My card is no where near full!!!

Paulie Ana said...

Be in the chaos and let peace swirl its truth about the nature of things.

Carrie junkie said...

Cannot get enough of these them, love you, love them, love you!!

Get those noodles back where they belong and write more, more, more!