Sunday, September 24, 2006

I love that poem, book, motto. It is so true.
One of my favorite people in the world is a kindergarten teacher. She has two rules posted in her classroom.
1) Be safe.
2) Be kind.
When someone comes up and tattles, she asks, "Is that safe? Is that kind?" If it is both, there really isn't a problem, and vice versa.
I have frustrated some of my faithful readers with my "control" of the delete key. I assure you, if I thought what was being written was safe and kind, I'd let it be. I welcome disagreement. I don't accept unkindness nor danger. There is a person stalking blogs with the sole purpose of being unsafe and unkind towards someone I love, and the people that love her. That is unacceptable.
If I am full of hot air, you are encouraged to kindly and safely express that to me. I will not delete such comments. When they become threatening and attacking, however, I will use my power to delete.
I think that is kind.
I think that is safe.
I think that is important.


Suzy said...

I know you are kind.
I pray you are safe and what you write is important to us all.

Jonathan said...
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Jonathan said...
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free spirit said... out of three did not get deleted so far on today’s post! the stalker again? there is just one stalker right? was it lower case j?

I hope I make the cut…

yes, everything should be safe and kind although I do think sometimes kindness is not always can you kindly tell someone they are way out of line or just plain wrong? I do subscribe to the theory that there is indeed right from wrong…

all the stuff that is hard to's what teaches the most…teaches us what we agree with and disagree with…and it’s most interesting to read about too…I don't want you to become a "shock blogger" but every once in a while you need to be, or hear from a wise "hit women" that simply tells it like it is…nothing personal just the facts!

“I don’t agree with you because you’re a bitch” is not allowed…disagree-er must state facts and opinions as they see them

not mentioning any names now, but, I do feel some of you writers/teachers/healers always think everyone is “projecting” or “transferring” or “suppressing”...when someone disagrees with what has been written some of you seem to go into autopilot on the psycho babble…blah blah blah

great writers who blog and the fans who blog along with them are not necessarily always great thinkers and that is why the free exchange of ideas without censor is so important

I trust you...but don't be overly sensitive! if you do a blog and want people to comment you can't expect everything to always come out "nice"

if I passionately object to something you wrote, if I really think you're full of it...then I might not deliver my comments all wrapped in kindness and you can't expect me time I posted on your blog that I thought you were wrong and selfish and you assumed I had a bone to pick with you…wrong…I totally and completely knew you were way out of line and in the end you altered your behavior because of my post and the subsequent posts that followed

lately you have been a little “delete happy” and I don’t like it… but thank you for the explanation about why you delete and control…I do see your point

like right now, you're probably thinking "hey! shut up and wait a minute…it's my blog and I'll make the rules so go screw yourself"

but no, Carrie Dear...your blog is fluid, it's living… you gave birth to it but now it belongs to all of us

I'll stay small talk! keep it real baby!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing the road this blog seems to be going down. I hope it can get back on some sort of track. I feel like I've been reading a novel only my copy is missing pages and everyone else seems to know what's going on........don't ripo anymore pages out, Carrie, I want the full meal deal.

Anonymous said...

I truly don't understand some of the hatred and craziness on the comments lately. Please know that your faithful readers love you and love your writing. Hang in there...this too shall pass.

Back At cha said...

Cut cut chop chop..keep it clean, have fun, grab a cup of tea and for heavens sake, have a good's all fun and games until someone puts out an eye!!

Carrie Wanna Be said...

If I ever say anything inappropriate, I swear, you have my permission and my blessing, to cut me off your web site and cut me out of your I just need to get into your life!!

Carrie junkie said...

A lot of blah blah blah advice coming from Free Spirit...a teacher? A therapist? A junkie??? Man, that really gets me down...that's my job!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous 8:42 am!

it's like I'm at a party and 10 people are talking and sharing and 3 of them are also telling secrets.

I'm part of the 10 but not part of the 3.

I'm on the the outer part of the inner circle.

kario said...

I'm appropriating this lesson for use in our house. I love getting back to basics! We have a sign in our playroom that states, "Be Nice or Leave - Thank You".

It's your blog and your call. You inspire us to think about life and ourselves and nobody has the right to sling mud at you for that. If the intent of the comment is to be hurtful, I say it has no place here.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's not necessary that we know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie, Posting from Siberia, Really! It is 32 degrees today! Hope to see it on the cluster map. We are well.I will keep you posted friend. Valerie