Friday, July 23, 2010

Don't forget, I've moved! Come see me at love.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I've moved! I'm over here, now: love.

Monday, July 05, 2010


Four years ago I was all about being fully caffeinated. Started a blog and an e-mail address and went big with it. It was perfect for that phase of my life, and as is the nature of phases, they pass. About the same time I  also "accidently" found a website that sold love. T-shirts. Unfortunately, it looks like they no longer do. The quotes they e-mail you are a must, however.


love. was the next thing I decided to go big with, and happily, I don't believe that's a phase.

Couple of years ago my fully caffeinated e-mail address just stopped working. Kaput. Last week Blogger stopped letting me post on my Fully Caffeinated blog. Kaput. Nothing if not tenacious, I found a way to post using an old draft and changing the date, but let's face it, that is going to get old in a hurry and besides, there aren't that many drafts left. I can take a hint when Mary gives me one, and she is giving me one.

Time for a new blog, so ladies and gentleman, I invite you to join me here, at love. Please change your blog rolls, favorites, bookmarks, etc. so you won't miss a single word. That would be a shame.

We'll talk about Mary. We'll talk about Flicka. We'll talk about Rojo. We'll talk about Woohoo. We'll talk about all the things that won't go kaput, and are not phases - the stuff of love.

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Sunday, July 04, 2010


Been trying to get Rojo into a body of water for almost fourteen years. This summer he decided to be Water Boy. We've been coming to the same community pool every summer for his whole life, a place with a "big" pool and a "wading" pool (1 1/2 feet deep at its deepest point). He's never wanted anything to do with it. Any. Thing.

But not this year. This year he's all about being king of the wading pool.

He likes having the whole thing to himself as he can kick and sing to his heart's content, but he really prefers it when it fills up with 2-5 year-olds. Without exception he goes up each child and gives his spiel: "Hi, my name is Rojo, what's your name?" The child supplies their name and Rojo instantly creates a nickname. Cooper becomes Coop. Daniel becomes Danny. Elaina becomes Lainie.

"Hi, (insert nickname), how old are you?"

"I am thirteen but I will be fourteen on July 14th, my golden birthday."

We're very excited around here for the golden birthday.

And for our golden boy, who has discovered the freedom of water.

* Have been having all kinds of fits posting on Fully Caffeinated. Am thinking it's time to re-name/relocate the blog. Stay tuned for a new address.

Happy 4th of July, Everyone!