Thursday, August 07, 2008


Because I am a saver, and the first born, and more than a little crazy, I still have many of the board games from my childhood. Hence, a 1976 version of WHOSIT is still getting kicked around my house. It is hopelessly dated and politically incorrect, and therefore, couldn't be more fascinating to Rojo.

"Mom! It is time for our game of WHOSIT! I have picked two people to be, and two people for you to be." Invariably, he chooses "the smokers."

"I am going to be the two boy smokers, and you are going to be the two girl smokers."

Now, let's put aside the fact that the whole point of the game is to GUESS who the other person is, we put "ourselves" face up in front of us and proceed, asking the other questions from the pile of cards in the center of the board, each with an attribute question.

"Are you white?"

"Are you a child?"

"Do you smoke?

"Are you holding something?"

Every time I draw a "Do you smoke?" card and ask it of Rojo, he beams, "Yes! I smoke! I LLLLLOOOOVVVEEE smoking!"

Then, he picks up the stick thingy (yes, that's its official name) used to strike my singing bowl, and shoves it in his mouth before pretending to inhale deeply, filling his lungs with imaginary toxins.

Not sure if this is the Universe's little idea of a joke, seeing that the entire 9 months I was pregnant with Rojo I watched my dad die a slow and agonizing death from emphysema. Am I meant to find humor in smoking? Yes, probably. Humor in dying? Yes, probably. Humor in the fact that my singing bowl will never have its matching stick thingy sitting next to it on my altar, as I'd prefer? Yes, probably.

Then it dawns on me, Terry's expression, "It on a stick!" We're playing WHOSIT and Rojo is "it" and he's got a stick.

No accidents.


Go Mama said...

This post is so utterly YOU!
You're the it on a stick, girl!

Jerri said...

Oh, yeah. That Rojo is It on a Stick, all right.

So is a mother who shares her sticky thing while playing board games.

Ms. TK said...

I miss that game.
I love that you play it together.

Suzy said...

Terry's a f'ing prophet!!!!

"We're playing WHOSIT and Rojo is "it" and he's got a stick."

Just like the "remote stick"...

Love you


JenMay said...

Do you happen to have the original version of "Mystery Date"?

Maddy said...

There are rarely any real accidents in my experience.
Best wishes

Carrie Wilson Link said...


What I wouldn't give for the original Mystery Date! With the door? OMG! No, never owned that game at all, only coveted others'!

Ask Me Anything said...

Ditto go mama.

kario said...

I think Jerri meant 'stick thingy'. At least, I hope so, cuz 'sticky thing' is just too disgusting.

JenMay said...


Re: Mystery Date. Knowing you, you'd go for the bowler. Although I always pictured you with guy in the tux. Maybe because you always wore your pearls with your Lanz nightgown.

AKA Jennifer Fox

P.S. LOVE your blog -- truly amazing writing.